45 minutes, $60 (b.o.g.o at RiteAid), and 1,870 pills later. Yes. One thousand. Eight hundred. and seventy. Pills. Later. I’m starting an almost too carefully thought out combination of supplements to target and improve the function of certain parts of my body.


Two capsules (4000IU) of D-3 as the recommended dosage is 1000IU per 25lbs of body weight and 1500IU respectively for individuals with brown complexions. Now although that’s under the 7200IU I calculated (don’t be an ass and try to calculate my weight) I don’t think I get enough Vitamin A and don’t want to risk overdosing D-3. As the season changes and I get less sunlight I may bump up to 3 capsules.

Vitamin D is the super vitamin. It affects over 1000 different genes and serves as a substrate for sex hormones (testosterone, estrogen, HGH).  D-3 moderates immune function and inflammation; it also acts in calcium metabolism and bone formation. It needs to be taken in the morning.

B-Complex and Folic Acid

One capsule of B-Complex that includes 3mg of B-1, 3mg of B-2, 20mg of Niacin, 2mg of B-6, 6mg of B-12, and 10mg of Pantothenic Acid.

B12 can protect against dementia and atherosclerosis, increase immune function, maintain nerves, regenerate cells, and lower homocysteine. B12 is also necessary for maintaining methylation reactions that repair DNA and prevent cancer.

One tablet of containing 400mcg of folic acid.

Folic acid needs to be taken along with B12, why? The explanation is unnecessary, just do it. Trust.


One capsule containing 2500mcg.

For my hair, duh.

Fish Oil

Four softgels containing 1040mg of DHA and EPA (40 over the recommended bulletproof 1000mg because I want to expedite my hair gowth, sorry Mr. Asprey! It’s not krill oil either, my other minor mistake…).

Small doses of high quality DHA and EPA can reduce inflammation, improve your brain function, and even enhance muscle growth. Low quality (my major concern) may not have the same effect as high-quality capsule but I will take the risk until I find better I just needed them NOW. Needs to be taken with meals, very important for absorption!


One capsule containing 50mg.

I’m taking this because I’m a technically a pescatarian due to my occasional consumption of lobster, smoked salmon, caviar, and roe. I just say I’m vegetarian with X exceptions but zinc helps synthesize whatever proteins that do manage to mingle their way into my system. And just in case of a required Quest Diagnostics encounter…. Joking! Joking!

And that concludes my new supplement program.

* I didn’t include the percentages because they are all outrageous and well over 100%. I was totally overwhelmed at the store. Of course I couldn’t reach my Pharmaceutical friend so I resorted to calling my mother who is a physician and insisted that I needed a whole host of vitamins to ensure proper balance and absorption combinations blah blah blah, but I had to cut it short with, “Mom, all I care about right now is my appearance seriously.” Shallow but who isn’t.


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