The Gluten Summit


This week I am really excited to participate in the first Gluten Summit. It’s a free online event taking place from November 11-17 that you cannot afford to miss. Dr. Tom O’Bryan of has gathered 29 of the world’s leading experts on gluten-related disorders, healthy living, nutrition and scheduled 3-4 one-on-one conversations per day. Each of them available online for a 24-hour period from 10am-10am the following day. You can join me and register here.

Ever wonder where unexplained weight gain, headaches, skin problems, joint pain, fatigue/fogginess, and digestive issues stem from? These annoying complications and more than 300 other symptoms are likely linked to a gluten sensitivity you’re unaware of. About a year ago I gave up gluten completely and was certain that I had an allergy to the stuff until an iffy blood test. Living gluten free gave me a mind clarity and high energy that I had only experienced when I was vegan for 8 months back in boarding school. After researching and adapting the bulletproof diet into my routine I’m starting to feel healthy again. My ADHD has come under control and I’ve been getting better sleep.

When the whole “gluten-free” craze began I didn’t buy it. I was convinced it was just a big marketing ploy but there is hard data everywhere, you just have to know where to look. I turned to Bulletproof Executive Radio and after listening to several podcasts and researching medical studies on Google Scholar I know that the harmful effects of gluten are real. I experienced the benefits of removing it from my diet and can attest to that. Thanks to people like Dave Asprey, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, and other nutrition experts I have made it a personal mission to avoid the dangers of gluten consumption. Now I’m taking the time to raise awareness among my friends, family, and whoever else I can reach in hopes of helping them too. This exclusive information is something you don’t want to miss, register.


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