Free cookies anyone?

If you know me you know I love baking. After going gluten free it has been extremely hard to satisfy my sugar tooth so I have been baking gluten free for myself and my coworkers. I’m in the process of testing some recipes and I would really appreciate anyone who is Celiac, Crohn’s, gluten sensitive, or on a gluten-free diet to try my cookies or other baked goods in exchange for completing a survey. I’m looking to reach people in the Philadelphia area for now but will accept requests from anywhere and try to work something out.

I will provide detailed information on ingredients including allergy information, if there are GMOs, and if the ingredients are organic. I always try to use soy free, non GMO, and rBST free products. All of which if are not noted I contact the supplier to get this information. Please let me know if you are looking to avoid specific products for and I will do my best to satisfy your needs. I will be baking in a commercially licensed kitchen in Philadelphia.

Don’t be greedy! Tell your friends, family, or anyone who you know who eats gluten free.

Peanut Butter

Pumpkin Pecan



Chocolate Chip Biscotti

Please contact me at and we can discuss what you’re looking for and set up your order! I am taking requests!


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